Recent and Current Projects



Lower Sturgeon Hydro-Electric Dam 2010,2011 (Timmins, Ont)

  • Precision layout: anchor-bolts, structural,civil and mechanical
  • Document submission for as-built surveys.
  • Laser scanning for deficiencies.







P1000095Thorold Co-generation plant 2007-2010. (Niagara)

  • Precision Anchor-bolt and Structual layout.
  • Document submission and As built turnovers.
  • Several Survey crew supervision.
  • As-built and volume surveys.






TTC Downsview tunnel extension (Toronto)   2012,2013

  • TBM (Tunnell Boring Machine) guidance
  • Precise survey control networks
  • Laser Scanning
  • Layout of all curbs, walkways, track invert and extraction shafts.
  • Crew supervision





hi-bc-110923-encana-gas-plant-horn-riverEncana/Enbridge Cabin Gas Plant (Northern BC) 2010-2012

  • Piling and structual Layout
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Topographical
  • Survey Control Network Monitoring
  •   QA surveys for structures, flanges, piling and mechanical




Windsor Essex Parkway ( 401 Extension) 2013

  • Layout of several bridges
  • As-built surveys and document submission
  • Quantity surveys
  • Drafting
  • Shift monitoring






Chevron LNG Kitimat 2014 (Early works)                                                                                                    



  • Offshore pile layout for trestle
  • As-built surveys for document submission
  • Precise control surveys and monitoring
  • Shift monitoring
  • Submit Quality assurance documents
  • Earth works
  • 3d Scanning

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